Saturday, June 28, 2008

Susan's fun and clever ( hopefully ) little blogging quiz

Guess what my lucky readers???? For quite a while now I have wanted to make up my own little survey, slash, tag, thing, and now I think I have come up with a good one. Please feel free to play along, in fact the very thought of people playing along just makes me giddy with excitement.

I have had a few conversations with others lately (primarily my brother Mike and sometimes Donald and Lisa) and I have seen and heard and read other things that have made me wonder where I stand in the blogging world when it comes to being totally obsessed (or, maybe just a teensy, weensy bit) with blogging. I am interested to see if people are as fanatical as me umm (cough,cough) other people I know.

Now first I guess I need to come up with a point system.

How about this? There will be a scale of 1 to 5. That means that five is the most agree while one is the least. So to make it clear there will be, Five, meaning; I am so saturated with guilt that I leave a little slimy guilt trail wherever I go. All the way down to One, which I guess would stand for; Are you kidding me? I do actually have a life you know.

Now just to comfort those that may identify with the high end of the scale versus the low end, please know that I am sure my final score will probably be quite HIGH. In other words (If I am to be believed at least, and sometimes I'm not entirely sure how trustworthy I am in these sorts of things)

There will be NO shame in a high score. After all this is just for fun........ well and because I guess I can be a little nosy.

It would be really great if you would leave me a comment and let me know what you scored.

And just to clarify, one and five are the two extremes, I guess we could say that three would mean something like; I'm so on the fence that my butt has marks from the pointy pickets. In other words use your own judgement on where in the scale you would place yourself.

All right here goes. TUM TUMM TUMM TUMM (and please cue the drum roll)

Susan Sorenson's slightly nosey blogging quiz

1) I am the kind of blogger that likes to meet lots of different people and add them to my friends list.

2) I am so consumed with blogging that I check my blog for new comments at least 3 times a day (the key word here being, AT LEAST)

3) I would give up a hot date on the town with my closest loved one to just sit home and blog.

4) One of the first things I think about in the morning is my blog.

5) One of the first things I do in the morning is go to my computer and check my blog, and see if anyone has left a new comment since when I snuck out of bed at 3 AM, for a supposed potty break and instead really went to check my blog for new comments. (I want to make sure that everyone understands that this questionnaire is not necessarily biographical)

6) I read the comments of the other blogs I read, more than once, (sometimes several more times than once) to see who has commented after me and if anyone has said anything to me in their comment (keep in mind we are talking someone else's blog here, not yours) .

7) Note) This question is more or less a five or a one. I have left a comment on a friend's blog who hasn't updated in a long time to let them know that I am anxiously awaiting their next post.

8) I have shamelessly recruited others to join the blogging world.

9) I have a give-away or contest about every 25 posts or so.

10) I sometimes have been known to write as many as three or more posts in one day.

11) I simply cannot understand or comprehend people who do not blog.

12) I lurk or stalk or whatever term you prefer, other's blogs, without making myself known to them.

13) I am so addicted to blogging that I am seriously thinking of starting a local chapter of Blogger's Anonymous, to help me A. get my life back B. make people think I am trying to get my life back. Or even, C. Hope to meet other people masquerading as someone who needs help so I can meet even more people as addicted to blogging as I am.

14) This Christmas I will probably spend more time spreading blogging cheer, than the time I will actually spend, shopping, wrapping, breaking up fights between children, reminding children that Santa doesn't visit naughty children, and decorating my house.

15) Note;Another One or Fiver.) Have you ever, even for a second, thought when it comes to blogging; SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

There you have reached the end of my little quiz. Oh you know what? I think I will do a little guide to let you know where you stand. So here it is.

75- 65 : Sorry, but you probably need to step away from your computer before the funny little men come to take you away. (And I mean that in the kindest and most understanding way possible.)

64-48 : You seem to be a little too consumed with blogging but as long as you are taking regular showers and your butt doesn't have blisters you're probably okay.

47-32 : It appears that you have a pretty good handle on this thing called blogging. Just one thing. Are you SURE you were completely HONEST?

31-15 : Oh come ON you call yourself a BLOGGER????

I hope you participate. And, I hope you enjoy yourself while participating. And I hope you leave me a comment telling me roughly what your score is, and what you thought of my little quiz.

P.S. I just took it and scored a 48. I can't wait to see how the rest of you do.+


I just took my quiz again because I thought my score seemed a little low.

It was.

Apparently I lied on number 15. Okay with a few honest adjustments, my new score is . . . . .

55 OOOHH what do you think of that Sammy Hagar?


Lisa said...

Susan, I am cracking up. This is hilarious. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to post about this.

OK, I took the test and tried to be totally honest. I scored a 43. I think that's a good comfortable score.

Thanks for the fun!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm boring. More likely it's because I have 4 small kids, but I only scored a 17.
I was either a 1 or a 5 on all of them but 2. Kind of funny.
I guess I'm hot or cold about most things though.

Funny quiz

Mandi said...


Loved, loved, loved this post!!! I fell into the "Oh come ON you call yourself a BLOGGER??????

I only started a little while ago and am still learning!!!

I have to admit I spend far too much time lerking and reading others than updating mine, I just dont think I have that much to post about, but this is starting to change.

If I dont get fired for being on blogger too much during the day at work. At the moment I stick to lunchtime but sometimes its very tempting to go and have a quick peek to see if someone replied to I heading for the bloggers anon meetings??????????

Have a great week, and thanks for a great post!! Mandi

Mandi said...

P.s. I forgot to tell you my score - 28, so close to acceptable!! ha ha ha

KaTrina said...

My score was 24. :) But if this was about MySpace or Facebook usage, my score probably would have been off the charts =/

SuzanSayz said...

Hey Katrina, If you are mostly a my space or face booker, I think that's pretty close to blogging. So feel free to take it again and you can proudly post your new, suddenly, ravenously obssesed score.
Love Susan

Em & M's said...

Hmm, I scored 30. This was a fun survey, but I had a little trouble with a few questions since I have all comments to my blog emailed to me, and if I want to see what other people comment after me (only about 1/2 the time) then I have those comments emailed to me too! It saves a lot of time and I make sure I don't miss any comments that way. I was really into it for a little while until I discovered it was taking up too much of my time. Now I still update often, but I try to find balance with it all!

Jan said...

You are so funny Susan. This is hilarious. I think I was with Hagar driving 55 when I first started out. You have to get a feel for it and then find your way and how you can work it nicely in your life without rolling over at 3 am looking at comments.

I am still in the 30's though. But I love the people to much to not be there. Fun as usual.

libbie said...

so funny. I scored a 43. But if I would have taken this quiz when I first started blogging, it would have been totally higher. Oh, and if I didn't have a very high maintenance baby, i would have plenty more time to do blogging!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Okay, now I've got the same disclaimer as Emily... because all comments on my blog are emailed to me, and those emails hit my phone as well. So it's not that I'm obsessively checking them, but rarely is a comment more than a few minutes old before I read it!

My score? Being completely honest, I scored a 32!

There were a couple areas that were kind of tough to score.. I've done several giveaways, and plan to do more, but I've never - NEVER based them on the number of posts... so I think I took a 3 on that, since I DO have contests, but don't obsess over how many posts I've had...

debsters said...

A solid 43. I was completely honest, I think. I'll have to check back later and try it again:)

This is so funny. My biggest blogging question has always been: How do some people decided when they are going to leave a comment or not? You know they read, but do some things just not interest them enough to say something, It's a mystery!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

That's a great question, Debie! I know that for me, particularly on blogs of people I don't know real well, I only comment when I really feel that I have something worthwhile to add to the conversation. So there may be posts that I read, but don't leave comments on because I'm like "that's cool, but I have NOTHING to contribute, except knocking the comment count up by one..." so I generally don't.

However, I (obviously) do return to posts I've commented on to see if there's any new commenting conversations going on. THAT is actually one of my favorite aspects of blogs. I love when the comments take on a life of their own independent of the original post!

dani said...

hi, susan:)
i am a 55 with a sore bum, lol!!!
does that automatically move me up to the highest bracket???
i always have been an over-achiever:b
ps that was great!!! i came over from jennifer's:)

KaTrina said...

Apparently with answering the questions about Facebook and Myspace, I received a 51.

heidi said...

can you have a 0? Cuz I am a 0. Well I should do it with the myspace countin. I still don't blog much or comment much though. I like to send funny videos or pictures to my siblings and I write back and forth to my friend. Does that even count?

heidi said...

oh and....last.

Jeanette said...

Love it!!! I scored a 45. I have been known to have a dream about blogging.

Blogging isn't as big here in Houston, TX, but google readers are and most of my friends don't leave comments. Someone random at church will come up to me and mention something from my blog and I'll say, "You should leave a comment!"

Thanks for all of your comments. :)

KaTrina said...

Mine was a 64 Eeek! lol